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292 Yamaha Hood

yamaha single hood art 1I was talking with Greg George a time ago. He’s the fellow helping me with graphics for my new Phazer hood product and he buys ET hoods from me and make them super neat-see blue hood. He said, “you know you should do something for those old SLs, SSs, SWs, SMs and GSs that look so boxy but everybody is using them for racing.”

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phazer hood development 1aI don’t have great leaps of progress to report but I wanted you to know something was happening. Here I’m prepping the base to support the superstructure. Next time you will see the superstructure skeleton. Work will slow because the wife has a bathroom project for me.

One of you guys said to allow for air scoops in my hood. Upon inspection, the vents around the steering console are exhausting vents primarily (I guess) to warm the driver. Until you-all say different, I will leave an opening in the rear but no scoops on the front side. 10-4.


Yamaha Phazer Race-style Hood

Gathering storm

Mini Nats 2008 018 thPull start flat track, mini bike racing is becoming more popular. Milwaukee’s Flatout Friday indoor race routinely fields 30 or so minis. Freddy Cuba has been putting on the Mini Bike Nationals in Hastings Nebraska for years. This year for the first time, a mini bike class is included in the Dice Brothers AMA flat racing schedule in St. Charles, Minnesota with three races. 

on any fine sunday 1
Lake minnetonka, clear ice after 40 years

Once every 40 years the ice on Lake Minnetonka becomes perfect. Smooth, clear ice as far as the eye can see. Prior to Sunday January 13, 2019 Ric Jostrom, (Mountain Devil) my mechanical engineer, motorcyclist and vintage snowmobiler, from Mound sent forth a restricted invitation to all his like-minded friends, that there was to be a Cooks Bay Speedway gathering. And bunches of people presented themselves.

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tazio nuvolariFerdinand Porsche said Tazio Nuvolari was the greatest racecar driver of the past, present and future.

The guy was an animal. Busted up in crashes he’d crawl back on the seat or in the cockpit (he was a motorcycle racer before he turned to four wheels). He raced from 1930 to 1950. He raced for the big European teams and usually did well in Grand Prix, road race and Le Mans races.

In testing a 1925 Afla, he crashed when a gear box locked up. He took a severe gash to his back. Six days later in bandages and a pillow strapped to his stomach he was lifted onto a motorcycle by mechanics and won a race in the rain.

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