018Tom is PhilLittleRacing.com's only EU distributor and will handle all European sales and service questions.   

Over many decades Tom has become a master motorcycle builder. In fact he has a very successful business building custom bikes and doing pristine vintage restorations for European customers. He is very well known in EU and UK bike circles. I could not have found a better representative. He has a great reputation and customers have learned to trust him because he is a straight shooter.

Tom Brattskar
18 4310 Hommersåk

47 51687568 or
47 90767060


This guy is the real deal. He is a superior builder with a long track record and great attention to detail.

Before I let him explain about his SXR let me tell you-he has turned that SXR into a trophy factory by taking it to European bike shows. For example he first took the SXR to Varsleppet, a show with about 2000 bikes to be judged. He won first place in the 'Special' category and got about 75% of the people's choice votes. That's a big number and even more surprisingly he got more recognition that owners who had dumped up to $100,000 in their bikes! (Imagine how they felt!)

To promote his SXR kit sales business, Tom built his own SXR to show how the kit looks when complete. Here's what Tom says about his build:

I bought the full set of parts for the SXR Sportster in October 2010. The donor bike was a 1988, 883, with the big bore 1200 kit. This bike is the first completed SXR in Europe. It was a pleasure to show the finished motorcycle to magazine bike editors in January 2011. The Sportster is a very nice bike from which to build a Street Tracker.

After many years, a Sportster looks boring. You do not need to be a motorcycle mechanic to build a bike like this. It is very easy to strip down the parts you don't need (and save about 45 pounds) and fit the parts from the SXR kit. It took me around 3 weeks of afternoons off work, coffee and ZZ Top. Now I have the fanciest Sportster in town!

Several EU motorcycle magazines will be doing an article of the project. I can recommend this SXR kit. If you live in Scandinavia or Europe (I was born in Australia.) please contact me if you have some questions. I have 33 years of experience building special bikes.

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