SXRGallery-JohnCrary1John says...

Here's my version of your street tracker just finished. I kept the standard footpegs for rider comfort, but will play with the rear-sets in the spring. (Update: I have since put the rearsets from Chainsickle on and they really work great. Frankly, it's more comfortable to ride, because it places the knees more rearward so your right knee is tucked in behind the air cleaner.)

I also want to put a few pinstripes on the front fender, but will find a vendor in Daytona to do that. All else went together pretty well, but we fiddled with the electrics for quite awhile to get the turn signals to work---it needed extra grounds to each light.

The reaction to my SXR is great! People point and wave. When I stop in front of a place of adult hydration, they come and look at my rig before they look at a $30,000 bagger next to it.

SXRGallery-John-Crary2In Daytona last week, I parked in front of Pub 44, a local Bikeweek spot, and I had 15 guys stop by and ask if it really was a racer from the 70s. They seem to especially like the way the tank blends with the seat as the other "kits" don't do that as well.

I also had a guy at Caribbean Jack's that claimed he was a racer in the 80's and knew Jay Springsteen, Mert Lawwill, etc. and he wanted to know if I had just streeterized an old racer. When I showed him it was an 883, he seemed really surprised--bought me a beer too!

They also like the small "kick-up" at the back of the seat base. The other kits have that turtle-hump look. Anyhow I really like the SXR and it's great fun to ride! It is impossible to ride this bike without a smile on your face!!

John Crary
Rochester, Michigan