lawless-xr1 Greg said "Finally returned to CA and got your graphics on the XR. Turned out great, again your pieces were fabulous quality. Only have small cafe front fender to fit and paint with your SXR orange aerosol. The fender is fittingly made by Arlen Ness for "The Paperboy Bike".

Greg is referring to a comment made by his neighbor, Arlen Ness, who referred at one time that Sportsters were paperboy bikes. So Greg and I crafted up the graphics for his rear fender for the time Arlen viewed Greg's bike.

Greg went on "The thing is fast, I'm guessing low 12's with the weight savings (450 lb). Supertrapps are way too loud so I'm putting the solid end caps in as soon as I get them. And thanks for the referral to Shane at Chainsikle, his rear sets are high quality and perfect for the seat and pull back bars".