galloup-sxr2Kimberly Galloup from White Cloud, Michigan is a lucky lady. Husband Dennis built her this Sportster with an ‘old school’ bent. The tank treatment and tail suggest a 70s theme.

The bike is a 1990 4 speed chain drive with 30,000 miles and it’s still running strong. Dennis used my one piece fiberglass battery/electrics cover which hides a battery that normally hangs ‘out there’ looking ugly on the left side. Dennis said, “It works great on this bike”.

Dennis did all fab/paint/etc for a total cost of $550. He did get some great deals on the used seat set and exhaust etc. (That exhaust is rather interesting looking, particularly that tuning bulge before the megaphone!) Denny also says

Anyone thinking of building one of these should--the bike is a blast in every way and sounds great [growls].

galloup-sxr1  galloup-sxr3 galloup-sxr4

Some of the features of this build

  • One piece glass battery cover painted satin black to match oil tank (see photos below)
  • Vintage California custom glass cb750 Honda 2 up tail (Phil says it’s a Tracy)
  • Old Kerker stainless race exhaust
  • Front fly screen/number plate off of older European bike
  • Rubber knee pads and rubber fork gaiters
  • Anderson-style grips on low sporty bars
  • Chrysler bright silver pearl paint with vinyl rally stripe
  • Tracker taillight and mini turns
  • Blacked-out engine
  • Front fork brace is the stock fender mount with stainless paint

galloup-sxr6  galloup-sxr6