hall2Don had a pre-Evo Sportster and had to do some jiggering to make my Evo-dedicated tank and tail fit but he did it and built this amazing Evel bike. The two most stellar bits of this build are the custom made pipes and fantastic graphics job.

His words…

Attached are pictures taken at the car/bike show last Saturday (6/13/11). The bike took second place behind a $100k+ chopper with a custom paint job which cost more than my entire rig. I couldn’t believe how many people asked if mine was an actual ‘jump bike’... I guess the illusion worked. I have to rebuild the rear caliper system as the “floating” part isn’t floating as it causes the rear to bind a bit.
hall1I can’t believe how good the bike rides now. The steering is much quicker and it feels like an early seventies’ dirt-bike, albeit a very heavy one. I’ve only been out a couple of times, but when I park it, it’s a one bike, bike show. If I’m in a hurry, I can see I can’t take this bike.

Your 19” rear wheel kit fit perfectly with the spoke wheels and they really make the bike look much lighter. The tank and tail section is loosely mounted as I have to do some modifications to the bike and mounts to make them fit properly. My pipes were custom built and make the bike look great. My cousin did a great job on the graphics.

Thanks so much for all your help with this project. I’ve been passing along your information, so you should be getting some orders if the guys follow through with their projects.

Best regards,
Dan Hall

(If you are going to build an Evel replica bike, I’ll bet we could persuade Dan to sell you his outstanding graphics kit)