couture2Art said he'd been a fan of the XR1000 since it was introduced in 1983. After an intense study of its XR race heritage and technology, Art was disappointed in the XR1000 stock styling.

"Harley dropped the ball." He was referring to the established XR race bike styling which with slight tweaks could have cloaked the 1000. (I'm guessing Harley had the same idea but didn't want to invest in the tooling for a short run steel XR based tank).

couture1 Art Couture, Lake Orion, MI

(Art just used my tank and tail. The front fender is stock)

Anyway Art has owned two 1000s, this is his second. He was also a fan of the XR race bike and wanted to marry the two into a street tracker. He eye-balled the new XR1200 as a platform but thought Harley dropped the styling ball again.

In a quest for the proper street tracker parts Art discovered my stuff. Let me quote him here...

To express that I am pleased with the products that you offer and the final results would be an understatement. A friend of mine, Dennis Miller, did most of the work on this bike. He has worked with fiberglass before and praised your glass for being of very high quality. The whole project took about two weeks, but one and a half weeks were spent cleaning and doing minor repairs on the host bike. Your parts were a simple "bolt-on" and fit perfectly! In fact, the entire project was surprisingly inexpensive, under $1350 total.

Art was lucky with the 1000 because he didn't have to pop for an exhaust-the stock exhaust was perfect mid-high on the left side. He finished with...

I am 100% satisfied with the results, and your products allowed me to achieve both of my goals at a very reasonable cost.