Trakker2This is how my SXR turned out. Superb bike to ride! 1200cc, ported heads, forged pistons, bigger valves, adjusted in a dyno, 89 rear wheel horse power!

All your stuff was good, but... the [stock] battery side cover flew off from my bike but I found it later, really needs a fastener in the front. And the dodgy nut on the seat unit... I tossed it and replaced it whit a real nut and bolt.

I also had a lot of grinding on the seat unit, it did not fit my frame. The tank was easier, just a bit grinding. Exhaust fitted like a glove, rear shocks are great too and easy to fit.

TrakkerI can easily recommend anyone who wants to build a dirt tracker to use Phil Little Racing products! Thanks for all your help and great service!

Best Regards

Anders T. Eriksson