shirriffs sxr sportster 1 thTreavor Shirriffs from Hartford, Wisconsin planned the conversion of his 2002 Hugger smartly. He knew I have been habitually slow delivering body parts--the problem of a single mold chugging out parts as fast as it can go. Trev started his build well in advance of receiving his body kit.

He was superb at planning color application. The central mass of his hugger is in contemporary flat black. Happily he didn’t continue black into his wheels. Instead his used gold and answered it with a unique pipe treatment in the same color. [Trev those pipes look loud-both ways.] Fork boots and scrambles bars are a nifty connection to bikes from the 70s.

When my body kit came he had some issues moving the coil for tank clearance but finished the bike in two weeks. A really nice job Treavor.

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