Steve Fuller is a northwest logger who dreams big dreams as he's whacking down trees and gettin’ them to the mill. Let’s hear him tell the story...

StevesMotorcycle12001 thI guess I am a lot like most of the other guys and gals that have bought a SXR kit from Mr. Little. It reminded us of the bike that Evel Knievel used in his daredevil days, minus the light and mirrors, horn, crashes and so on. I remember once saying that I would never own a Sportster until the day they built a bike like Evel had that was street legal. Well, we all know what happened there. Long story made short, it didn’t happen. But then Phil Little Racing did happen.

I called Phil (after I had studied his web site) one cold February day this year (2015), and we talked about the build that I was interested in doing. I was worried about a lot of little things. But after talking with Phil for only a few minutes, I soon became relaxed and found myself with newfound confidence to do this, a one of a kind SXR build.

Steve wanted a bike in a Seattle Seahawks motif.

Working with Mr. Little is an experience of a lifetime for me, as I got two things out of it that mean so very much to me. I have a great looking, one of a kind Big-Eyed Hawk Bike. And I have a friendship with the one person on the planet that could be as influential as my own father had been in life. Thanks, Phil.

Steve coined the term "big-eyed" because that’s what he get when he rides it--big staring eyeballs.

Thoughout the bike build, Mr. Phil Little himself was the one and only Customer Relationship Guy. Phil is second to none; in my book, he is the King of Customer Service. When, I had questions, he had answers. We had conversations like we have know each other for most of our life. Told jokes, talked about racing bikes, even talked about the weather.

fuller sxr hawk bike 2 thIn short, this is the way I remember life in general, person to person, and in business relations, before everything became so critical. Phil has a friendly environment where you are a person, not an order number. If I had a problem, Phil fixed it. Simple as that. And during the build Phil saw a need for a more colorful seat, and sent it to me as a surprise in the kit. The seat was of the beautiful color blue, which matched up perfectly with the bike build. He took the time to show me the layout, the images, and the overall plans by email and phone calls.

I guess all I am saying here is this: I am totally happy with my business relation with PLRacing and Mr. Phil Little himself. And of course I am super happy with the Big-Eyed Hawk Bike. Here some pictures... judge them for yourself and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about. Thank you, Phil, for all the right moves in this one of a kind bike build.

One Happy Guy: Steve Fuller