Updated 5/31/20

I have been lucky to discover two sources of New Old Stock Indy chassis parts but the stock is dwindling. For the most part this stuff fits Wedge Indys from 1983 to 1997 (with extruded front bumpers). 

NOS Indy Pan $219 (plus carton cost)*

The pans in stock are the ones for liquid cooled models but I can get fan cooled pans too. The only difference is the vent on the right side. This is the bare-bones pan with holes pre-drilled. If you are building a nice stock sled or are building my RXL conversion kit, you may want to start with a clean new pan instead pouring through the ‘best of used ones’ from the used parts dealers. Pans are black. [Carton 48 x 36 x12] [Estimated weight 12 lbs]. (Shipping costs below)

polaris indy wedge pan 1 polaris indy wedge pan 2


Shipping of big stuff is relatively the same. If you live in outstate MN, SD, ND, WI, northern IL and very western Michigan, I can ship Speedee for around 90 bucks. For other parts of the snowbelt I ship Greyhound Package Express for about $110. For you Canadians, I generally ship to Greyhound Package Express stations in larger towns on the border and you can drive down and pick up.

Should it come to pass you’ll be needin’ any of these parts, ring my chime: 952-935-8833 or cell 952-607-6063