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Boy, this project is taking a bunch longer than I hoped. Mostly my fault for picking wrong supplier. Here is a photo of the long awaited tail fender mold. With this two-piece mold I can move to making the taillight mount and seat cushion.

When I say two-part notice the hairline split mid way. We spray in the gelcoat and fiberglass matrix and after it cures we dissemble the mold and pull out the part. The fender has so many curves and negative drafts that this is the only way to handle it. More soon I hope.

~ Phil

XRX Side Covers are done

XRX side covers are available for Evo Sportsters through 2003. It will also fit the XR1000 and earlier Sportsters with the same 3-hole electric cover on the left side. This cover was developed for my XRX kit but it can be used on any Sportster to cover up the rather ugly stock battery or tinsel cover with skulls. It mounts where the triangle cover mounts on the frame. It uses the same wellnuts and I supply black hardware. It comes in black or white (order the white if you are going to paint it).

xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 1 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 2 xrx sportster dirt track tail 12jan2015 3

It's happy time. All the shaping, sanding and polishing is over. I finish waxing the 'pattern' parts then it's off to the mold maker this week. Things left to do are: making the taillight and license plate holder, machining the rear mount system and ordering foam for the seat. I will hand shape the first few seat cushions.


More later
~ Phil

Point One

At Paul Slinkard's suggestion henceforth this kit will be known as XRX instead of DXR

Point Two

Mike (jdm4gg@gmail.com) has identified a way to determine the small Sportster 2.2 gallon tank from the 3.2 gallon tank. If you measure from the rear tank mount to the back of the tank and come up with 2" that's the 2.2 tank. If this distance is 5" that's the 3.2 gallon tank. I have made the XRX tail around the 3.2 tank so I may not be able to serve those with 2.2 tanks

Point Three

xrx-sportster-dirt-track-tail-4aug2014-1 xrx-sportster-dirt-track-tail-4aug2014-2 Rightly or wrongly I designed the XRX kit around the use of my new side battery cover (which is different than my existing slab-sided battery cover). If you notice the sweep from the pointy fronts down to the bottom edge on the left side you'll see it differs from the right side. The left is a more abrupt angle while the right is a longer sweep. This mean if you are not going to use a battery cover the tail will look awful because it sweeps down on the left and meets nothing.


Okay the shaping process is virtually done. As you can see I have the final primer coat on all the parts. This stuff is what I sand to 2000 grit and polish so molds can be made. I probably have 2 weeks worth of sanding to do and the polishing/waxing process will take a week then it's off to the mold maker we go. I guess that they will take a minimum of two weeks to make the molds then we can make the first parts. After that I have to make the taillight and license plate holder out of fiberglass and have my machinist make the aluminum mounts. This process is agonizingly slow for you all I know. I will send another report in about 2 weeks.

~ Phil

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-11This week's task was to make the seat base. Here is the raw fiberglass laid into the fender well designed for the seat. Before I pulled it off the fender I put legs on it. The legs elevate the seat base for applying the sandable finish on it later. You'll see it in an advanced stage next time.

The blue tape protected the fender from curing fiberglass:

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-12Okay here's the trimmed seat base pulled off the fender:

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-13Now you can see how the seat base it fits into the fender well. What is hard to see is the front which runs part way up the back of the tank:

DXR-sportster-dirt-track-tail-lightThis is another photo of the running light/brake light/signals unit but in scale.

More when I have it next week.
~ Phil