My last report was 2ish months ago. Now you know I work at the pace of a snail. It’s that old ‘too many projects at one time’ thing. This is a follow up on the seat foam pattern I showed you last time in two pieces:

xrx seat foam two pieces th

I’d split it to add 3/8” to the length because the actual foam when it comes out the mold shrinks and the pattern has to compensate for shrinkage. Here’s the final foam pattern:

xrx seat pattern 1 th xrx seat pattern 2 th

It was rejoined, then coated with Duratech and sanded. Next came another layer of gelcoat in some traffic green stuff I had on the shelf. It was sanded from 340 wet/dry down to 2000 wet/dry, then polished and coated with 5 coats of release wax. I took these photos and boxed it up to ship to foam maker in California.

The next report will on the last piece--the license plate/light holder.

~ Phil

My last report was 10/14/15 which means I’m slow, but you already know that. I am, however, persistent. I have kicked the XRX project into high gear and will devote my time to completing it. Over last week I have roughed out the new rear seat support bracket which will hold taillight and license plate. Here are shots of the bracket:

xrx seat mar 2016 1 xrx seat mar 2016 2

xrx seat mar 2016 3My goal is for the bracket to show a rearward face that blends with the tail end for a more finished look. I have yet to build the taillight/license plate mount which goes in that low hollow.

This bracket will be for first Evos through 1993. In the next shot you can see that early frame behind. I am making it first because the 94+ frame (foreground) has a lower mounting surface and it will be easier to change the -93 bracket by adding material to it so it drops down to the later model seat rails. More when I have it.

~ Phil

Okay, in the last report I showed you the completed XRX seat base. Now I’m a day away from finishing the pattern of the seat foam. I’m going to make a mold and produce my own foam from now on because foam costs from the California maker were killing me.

xrx sportster tail oct2015 1 th xrx sportster tail oct2015 2 th


Here are two shots of the foam pattern. When that’s done I’ll finish the pattern for the fender support bracket/brakelight & license plate holder which has already been started. This has been a very long process and I’m sorry but I’m distracted by so many other concurrent projects. (I have the new style black side left side covers in stock if you want to replace that metal crap that holds the battery in.)

Hi gang. I’ve made some progress on the XRX street tracker tail for use with stock Harley 3.3 Sportster tanks. I’ve nearly finished making the seat base. Let me take you through the steps:

xrx street tracker june2015 1I use blue 3M masking tape as a release agent because it’s cheap and quick. I coat the tape with one coat of release wax.

xrx street tracker june2015 2I lay fiberglass to mirror the shape of the tank and tail.

xrx street tracker june2015 3Here the fiberglass is cured and I’ve trimmed the shape edge I want.

xrx street tracker june2015 4The seat base pattern is mounted on stilts to eliminate debris during the mold making progress to come next. I've coated the pattern with white gelcoat. The pattern has to be sanded and polished to a mirror gloss. This step took a full day.

Remaining work: Make a mold for the seat foam and make a mold for taillight/license plate holder which bonds under tail then I'm done after a year.

~ Phil

It was over a year ago that I started this project (first called DXR). Nothing is as fast as one wants. Well I have movement to report but I think it’s appropriate to review the original goal here.

The idea is a tail which bolts behind a stock Sportster 3.3 gallon tank and with my forth coming XRX tank graphics, an owner can achieve a good looking street tracker on the cheap (about half the cost of my SXR kit.) Hence the old concept drawing is shown again.

Today I can show you the competed tail part, first out of the mold. If you are wondering about that scallopy shape on the edge-that’s my attempt to blend the tail with the oil tank. I have one on the other side for my new left side cover-which is quite popular (see two posts back).

xrx sportster dirt track tail 27may2015 1 th xrx sportster dirt track tail 27may2015 2 th

Okay, I have start the molds for seat foam and the taillight/license plate holder. I’ll be back atcha when I have news.

~ Phil Little