292 Yamaha Hood

yamaha single hood art 1I was talking with Greg George a time ago. He’s the fellow helping me with graphics for my new Phazer hood product and he buys ET hoods from me and make them super neat-see blue hood. He said, “you know you should do something for those old SLs, SSs, SWs, SMs and GSs that look so boxy but everybody is using them for racing.”

greg george et hood

Greg George’s ET hood

Okay I thought—let’s see what everyone has to say on the subject. The basic question is...

Would you spend about $350 for a hood that would make your race sled look baad?

The drawing above was traced from a 292 photo. The only thing I did was customized the hood and draw a race seat. It dramatically alters the look of the stock sled. There is really nothing under a stock hood so it can be sliced and dropped way down. I did add a shallow raised portion for spark plug clearance if needed.

This race hood should fit single cylinder models from 1973 to 1976: SL, SS, SW, EW, SM and may fit GS 340 & 440 and GP340 & 440 but I need confirmation and clarification from you Yamaha experts.

This only is a testing concept at this point. Sound off and tell me what you think. Email me your reaction... would racers buy it? Respond to phil@phillittleracing.com.