vintage minibike body orange 1Here is a product without a market. Nobody makes rigid framed mini bikes anymore with the exception of Azusa and maybe a few others. But there is a delightful fringe element who races vintage mini bikes. Freddy Cuba in Hastings, NE runs a mini race every October. And there are pockets in California that get it. The world is full of old mini bikes and the kids just go ape riding them. Just punch “mini bike” in the Craig’s list search box and jump back. There’s bunches of them for pennies. Engines are plentiful. (Anybody brave enough for a 9 hp Briggs Animal like in this Mini?)

If you are a vintage mini racer, a race promoter looking for crowd giggles or are you an SCCA racer in need of a pit bike (with class), here’s the perfect thing for you. 

vintage minibike body orange 2What frames does it fit? By the bottom photo you can see the mounting area-- 2” up front, 9.5” across the rear and afore/aft span of 28”. That fits most old minis.

Now let me tell you about the design. It has a long nose so the body has mass and looks better than a spindly frame tube ahead of a seat. The seat blends with the body. Seat attaches with Velcro supplied. You’ll note the “tail” is rather short. That was done on purpose because young and old not familiar with mini power tend to upend them leading to a backward crash. A short tail will hopefully minimize damage. The body is fiberglass and repairable. And naturally a race mini has to have side number plates. The plates are positioned rearward of most mini engines and carbs.

The body comes in white with a black seat. The orange one was custom built for Freddy Cuba in Nebraska.

vintage minibike body white 1.png  vintage minibike body white 2.png miniwedge3607

Scenes from Freddy Cuba’s Mini National race

Track had only one bump which also served as the start/finish line
These were my two entries, one for the small wheel class the other the big wheel class. Big wheels add more suspension and make adult riding more comfortable
Ah the awards ceremony. The announcer was good
I got a third this day. Them young bucks are faster than an old fart
The Wedge body come in white with a black seat which Velcros to the body $257

Phil's Dirt Track Mini

Built for dirt track racing in pull start class. Extended Azusa frame to curb unexpected front wheel lofting of stock short frame. Modified 5 hp Briggs flat head. Tall handlebars and big wheels raise seat level for comfortable adult use. Tall bars won’t trap left knee in corners. Actual 1980 Harley XR 750 tank with sectioned and shortened XR tail. Custom seat from scratch.

phil mini 101 phil mini 102

track mini 1 th track mini 2 th track mini 3 th track mini 4 th