If you have lost or broken the covers to your Hondaline fairing-you are screwed. The factory doesn't offer them any more. Sure, you could do a six month watch on ebay or you could take the easy way and order these covers from me.

These are tough fiberglass and have a black gelcoat surface. You'll have to fiddle around with hinges and a latch but a quick trip to your hardware store will solve that issue.


sabrecvrbig hondaline500

This is Vincent Carletti from Saint Raphaël, France

Vincent holding my black covers
over his black shirt

He’s the fellow who found the Hondaline covers on my website. I’d forgotten all about them and wasn’t reminded because, to me, they weren’t visible when I moved around the site. My webmaster has fixed that. So I’m giving Vincent the title of the “Hondaline fairing cover spark plug.”

When he got them he said “Nice job, only have to drill them to fix the locks.” He also said “Thx for the fastest refund ever.” He was referring to the fact that I overcharged him on the shipping cost. The USPS website is very hard to pin down to exact cost to foreign countries. Thank you Vincent--Happy Honda-ing.